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Customer Support Centre

Creating and retaining a satisfied customer base designs the core operational philosophy of Lilac. Corporate success in the long term never becomes achievable only through delivering excellent products, but success comes from staying together with the customers in the hour of genuine need.

At Panvel, in the outskirts of Mumbai, stands tall, the first dedicated Customer Support Centre, of the Indian Diagnostic industry.

Built with passion & commitment, this 12,000 sq.ft. infrastructure has been designed towards redefining standards of pre and post purchase customer experience.

Manned by a team of professional biochemists, immunologists & engineers, Lilac Customer Support Centre is dedicated towards standing shoulder to shoulder with its customers, in the hours of genuine need.


  • Dial Up Help Line
  • Application Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Technical Training
  • Assay Standardization
  • Consumable Support
  • Remote Service
  • Q.C. Support
  • Assay Variability Data
  • Tech Support
  • Marketing Training
  • Laboratory Input Support
  • Pre Installation Check Ups
  • Lilac Professional Assistance Program

Professional Team

Manned by a team of professional biochemists, immunologists & engineers, Lilac Customer Support Centre is dedicated towards standing shoulder to shoulder with its customers, in the hours of genuine need.

Training Support

Lilac worships knowledge. Knowledge offers clarity of thought process and determines operational success. At the Lilac Customer Support Centre training programs and wet workshops for its employees and its customer pool are conducted regularly. Because knowledge evaporates with time, we at Lilac always ensure to stay tuned through periodic training programs.


With continuous advancements in diagnostic technologies, clinical laboratories are increasing parameter range and incorporating newer technologies in their portfolio. Frequent wet & dry workshops on recent technologies conducted by the Customer Support Centre attracts participants from across India.

To name a few, workshops on Clinical Electrophoresis, HPLC, Allergy Diagnostics, Autoimmune Diagnostics, Chemiluminescence and basic ELISA has gained popularity amongst clinical laboratories of the country.

Variability Support

Analyzing analytical variability and result interpretation form two of the critical functions of a clinical laboratory. Well trained competent biochemists at Lilac extend result interpretation support to customers across the nation. The Customer Support Centre has an extensive data base in its library to assist its customers explain and justify assay variability in hours of need.


The trained manpower at Lilac Customer Support Centre works relentlessly to improve comparability of results from various laboratories and achieve agreement between different methods. Assay calibration constitutes part of the standardization process. It consists of the transfer of the value of the primary standards to secondary standards and calibrators.

Application Support

Lilac has a strong team of nearly twenty application specialists. The application specialists are thoroughly trained to extract the best out of Lilac’s instrumentation and reagent range of products. Proper handshaking between electronics and chemistry is a challenging art and needs absolute clarity of the participating chemistry and instrument architecture and mechanism.


Quantitative estimation of biological micro & macro molecules are faced with certain situational troubles. Personnel at Lilac Customer Support Centre are involved in providing solutions to such random errors. Over the years, Lilac has achieved a formidable competence in solving random errors and staying with the end user in the hours of genuine need.

In House Training

Regular employee training courses are conducted for Lilac’s own sales force. Our business strategy actively follows knowledge based consultative selling practices instead of merely commerce driven sales activities. Since the field sales force actually operates as the first line of customer support personnel, they are trained rigorously enough, to sort out most of support-related expectations of laboratories.

Knowledge acquired through weeks of extensive classroom training, followed by detailed hand held bench level wet training, has enabled Lilac sales force to guide customers while selecting products and technologies.

Parameter Addition

Science is ever-evolving. With the advent in newer research and technology, new parameters get introduced frequently. Growing demands from clinicians in turn create demands from the clinical laboratory industry. Lilac has always been involved in extending its range of parameters and adapting parameters in the existing set of instrumentation.

Our support personnel are always working towards parameter addition and adaptation programmes.

Q. C. Studies

The Lilac Customer Support Team members have adequate competence in conducting routine exercises to study intra assay and inter assay variability studies. Recovery studies, correlation studies and proficiency testing facilitates application support personnel to extend after sales support to customers.

Lilac Customer Support facility has gained enormous experience in conducting such studies on different technologies and instrument platforms.

Precision Study

As a part of the Quality Assessment Program to ensure customer satisfaction, reagents from different lots are tested on the same instrument & reagents of the same lot are tested on multiple instruments to check precision. The Precision check data generated are kept on record and compared later against customer data points.

The stringent exercise acts as a reference tool while trouble shooting individual laboratory problems and offering application support during instrument installation.

Retained Batch Q.C

Retained samples of different lots are tested for stability and fulfilling Q.C. norms. To counter the effects of prevailing climatic conditions in India, where, during summer the mercury touches 45 degrees, retained samples under ideal conditions as well as stress tests further strengthen our process to ensure true customer support.

Retained sample Q.C. also assists clinical laboratories in hours of medico legal needs.

Engineering Support

To support Lilac’s huge instrument installation base located across India, the Engineering Support network is spread across the country to offer after sales service support to the customers.

Manned by a team of professionally qualified and well trained electronic engineers, Lilac maintains its culture of extending high quality of service standards.

Operating nationwide from multiple regional offices, the service engineers keep constant touch with the Customer Support Centre at Panvel.

Guiding Lights

Lilac Customer Support Centre has been a result of the constant inspiration and guidance from some of our partnering organizations. Common philosophy of building and delivering highest quality of after sales support standards between all the partnering organizations, has led towards the creation of India’s only dedicated Customer Support infrastructure at Panvel.

Acquiring significant knowledge and developing a passionate team would have never been possible without the learning value and support Lilac received from its scientific partners.


The Support Centre office plays a key role in maintaining systems, enabling support personnel achieve speed leadership. Keeping in constant contact with end users, ensures operational smoothness and excellence. Coordinating calibration of pipettes and maintaining records of traceability come under the purview of the Support Office.

Needless to mention, that, maintaining spare parts inventory and coordinating annual maintenance contracts for Lilac instrument accounts are coordinated by the support office staff.


A congenial working environment matters the most in any industry. And in a knowledge economy, it is no different. A learning environment and a supportive growth oriented team based work culture are strong pillars of Lilac’s working environment.

The organizational DNA promotes a culture of worshiping knowledge and intention to support customers in hours of need.

Visit Panvel, and you’ll enjoy working with the Lilac Customer Support Team.

Customer Support Centre :

Gauri House, Plot No. 3,

Road 6, Sector 1-S,

New Panvel - 410206,

Maharashtra. INDIA.

Tel : +91 (22) 3266 4153 / 3266 4160

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Head Office :

Sungold, 303 Sher-E-Punjab,

Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093,

Maharashtra. INDIA.

Tel : +91(22)2823 5487 / 2830 7200.

Fax : +91(22) 2834 6420.

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