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At Lilac, we provide long-tern careers and not merely jobs. All the employees get equal opportunities to develop and sharpen their skills, competencies and conceptual abilities. This not only ensures professional growth for each individual, but ultimately translates into financial growth as well as personal growth.

We focus on creating an attitude of openness that promotes innovative thinking. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and irrational, path breaking ideas are appreciated within the organization.

There is tremendous focus on acquiring, fostering and sharing knowledge at Lilac. “Knowledge expels darkness” has been Lilac’s belief ever since its inception. Knowledge is deeply entrenched in Lilac’s philosophy and over the years.

Employee performance is evaluated against set objectives and norms, instead of individual likings and discretion. Performers are recognized and appropriately rewarded.

We have kept our organization free from any sort of politicking, victimization and vindictive behavioral attitudes.

We provide a performance driven transparent culture and a fresh, congenial and an excellent working environment to our employees.

Today we are proud to have employed and built a superlative pool of talents. And with the organization growing and more people joining, we are sure that this pool of talents will not only build a better Indian diagnostics industry but also build a better nation.

Job opportunities arise at Lilac Group from time to time. Other than specific senior position or mid level recruitments, group recruitments are usually conducted once or twice a year. Group recruitments are subjected to management discretion and may not happen every year.

Opportunities to join the group exist in multiple functional areas.

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